Sunday, August 21, 2011

35 pounds of cat litter

I just returned from a trip to the grocery store. I had an enlightening experience while I was there. I am still pondering the whole thing. After several minutes of comparing the prices of quality multiple cat scoop able cat litters, I decided that the best deal for me was a very large container of Tidy cat. Both my daughter and I struggled with it as we tried to heave it into the cart. A thought hit me and I asked her to tell me what the weight of it was. She said "35 pounds".

Wow. So, on about day 12 of the all juice fast when I was down 34 pounds but didn't make it official...THAT'S how much weight I was down? Holy crap! I really cannot get over that. I understand even more now how I was feeling so much better when I was on the all juice fast. (Physically, NOT mentally..Oh God no..not mentally) There was one time I practically catapulted myself out of my chair because I was just not used to the weight being gone. I went to weigh myself today and the new battery had been removed for another item in the house, so, I got more 9 volts at the store today. I will try to wait to weigh myself until my "official" day, Tuesday. I know I'm not 34 off anymore, because I was a fool and stopped doing what I should be doing. But, I won't beat myself up over it. I am seriously hoping I am close to it though. I worked SOOO hard and went through so much. Yes, it was only 2 weeks, but it was a VERY difficult 2 weeks. Sigh.

I wish we didn't need to use the cat litter. If I could keep it like it is, every time I want to make a bad decision for my health I can go over and lift up the cat litter. If I still want to make that decision, I can carry the bucket around with me. To think that I still have a lot more of those cat litters that I'm carrying around! At my highest weight ever, compared to my weight in high school (which was not "skinny") I was carrying 9 of those suckers around on me! Wow. To think I struggle with trying to lift just one!

I've always said that a normal person could never pick up the extra weight I carry and just start walking around with it. I don't know why the concept of carrying around the litter is tripping me out so much!

I just had to blog about this. By the way, I added pictures and a few other things, even at the very bottom of the blog. Not everything is fitting just the way I want it to. I also would like to add more things. The blogger software is easy to use, but I can't seem to make things fit like I want them to. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks again!


  1. I'm so glad you said something about pictures on your blog. I read all my blogs on Google Reader so I don't see the actual blog. I loved seeing the pics!

    The cat litter is a really good lesson.....

  2. Thanks Debby! Yes, the cat litter is really a trip! I just can't get over that. Did you see the pic at the bottom of the page? I'm trying to figure out how to make them all closer so they aren't missed.