Friday, October 7, 2011

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Hi! I have thought about blogging lately, when I'm in the shower or driving. I have lost 4 pounds in 4 days. I've noticed my clothes are baggy and my underwear almost fell off this morning (yes, I know, TMI) Earlier in the week I was down a pound from last week.

Here's what's been going on...I started a job the week before last. It is a job where I am chasing 2 year olds all day. I know I have a lot of physical problems, but, I am being careful and other than feeling like I've worked out with my old psychotic trainer every day (remind me to tell you about him), I'm doing ok. I am exhausted, have already been fighting a cold and some funky cold sore things on my mouth..which, I might uber attractive! Oh, my sentence structure is not proper tonight and I don't care.

I had an A in my math class (I'm glad miracles never cease!) and I'm in my 2nd to last week of it I am quite sure it's no longer an A this week, due to me kind of blowing it off, BAD ME! But, I WILL pass it this time, I failed it last time. I could beat myself profusely for that smooth move. I HATE math. I love math when I understand it, but, I tend to get confused and frustrated very easily. This class is a lot of figuring out formulas, which I've never liked.

I am trying to be positive and keep on going no matter what lately. I've noticed things like awesome clouds, I've appreciated the cooler weather and when we get a nice breeze. I had my oldest daughter with me after work today and she noticed a HUGE rainbow in front of us. I was like a little kid when I saw it!! I thought I saw a hummingbird on the playground at work and was about to freak out with excitement, but, it was a dragon fly. I decided that was cool too! It's the little things with me. lol. I've found the things my 2 year olds do to be amusing too. My family amuses me. My animals amuse me. I amuse myself half the time.

I am EXHAUSTED every day, there's not enough time in the day and the weekends aren't long enough. But, this is good for me and it's yet another learning experience. I will try to update more regularly.

Still Dinah...