Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, but I do have good news this morning! I am now officially 50 lbs down from my highest! That was my most recent goal. My highest weight was 486, I am now 435. For those who have been following this, I know I'm not far below where I was at the end of my brief juice fast a few months back. That was the most amazing experience! I highly recommend that to anyone, it wasn't just about the weight loss. I felt really good. The only downfall to it, besides how expensive it was, was the Psychology of not being able to eat at all. But, not everyone would have the issues I had with that. I will juice fast again, but I will only do it for 7-10 days at the most. For anyone who knows anything about weight loss, I lost a drastic amount in a very short period of time, I'm thrilled to have that off now, and to have more off!

It has been a highly stressful time since then in my personal life. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that it is getting any better right now either. It seems like it's just one thing after another, or more like...5 things right after another. But, I have faith and I'm praying a lot. God knows more than I do about everything, I'm trusting that he'll get me through all of this and things will turn out great, hopefully sooner rather than later!

I was thinking the other day, it would be really cool to be below 400 before the 1st of the year. I'm only 36 pounds away from 399. How cool is that? I am well aware of my love for cooking and baking and big meals with family and friends. I am also well aware of the fact that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and we still have my 21st anniversary and Christmas between now and the 1st. But, why not shoot for it??? I am not going to completely deny myself the eating pleasures of the holidays, but, I am going to see what I can do to get to that goal.

I've also been catching so many bugs and viruses. I've been sick a lot, it's insane! Right now myself and my younger two children are all sick.

Ok...enough of all that! I am cooking and baking up a storm the next 2 days. In fact, I will be heading into my kitchen shortly to get a start on that. A very good friend of mine told me that she isn't doing anything for Thanksgiving and doesn't want to do anything because you're "supposed" to. I get that, I definitely do. But, I love traditions and having a reason to do it. My oldest daughter won't be here for the meal this year, that saddens me. She will be seeing us though, and will probably have some leftovers with us. I love the holidays and partaking in the traditions of them. This year it will be just hubby, my younger 2, my mother in law, and possibly a friend of my middle child. I did all of the shopping, I'm doing all of the cooking...I think they'll be doing the after dinner cleanup!!

Oh, and what am I thankful for? A lot of things. Family, health, my families health! hubby and I having jobs, a home, vehicles, electricity, fresh running water, the many many things that we take for granted in this country, being alive now rather than before conveniences and technology! lol I always say that Jesus really loved us because he even came before all of the modern conveniences we have and then went through all he did for us, out of love! Which leads me to the most important thing I am thankful for, everything he did and is doing for us. I look forward to hearing what everyone is thankful for!