Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hi all! Hope everyone is well. I am really looking forward to being able to juice again. I miss it. I was telling a friend about it today, she has a lot of chronic pain and was curious about it. I was telling her how I felt energetic, yet I could sleep well at night. Her eyes lit right up over that. I was also telling her how my aches and pains were minimal. I just felt good. Now, the emotional stuff coupled with the stuff in my personal life. Not good. But, as far as my aches and pains being gone, my weight loss, etc. It was nothing short of a miracle. Wait..if it were a miracle it would be easy and pain free, right? It was not easy, it also was not pain free.

That being said, I am so ready to do it again. I was reading that they have a 555 plan where you exclusively juice for 5 days, then you add veggies and fruits for 5, then back to the exclusively juicing. That looks interesting! I'm also still hoping that I'll make a juice my son will actually drink. He is very thin and hardly eats anything. I want him to get his nutrition. If I can find something that he "approves" of, I'll give him a big glass of juice every day too.

Now if I can just get through life in general. I will hopefully be able to start juicing again in a few days. Hopefully! I am very much looking forward to it. Tuesday marks the 4th week since I started. It's hard to believe it's been that long, then again, it is hard to believe that it hasn't been longer.

I've greatly appreciated the feedback I've received in emails, phone calls, texts, facebook messages, and from the few brave souls who even comment on the actual blog. Thank you everyone!

For anyone who suffers from a chronic condition, aches and pains, tiredness, etc. I highly recommend juicing to some extent.

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