Saturday, August 20, 2011

Checking in

Hi again! I am very encouraged by all of the positive feedback I have received. Thank you so much to everyone! Most of it is not actually on the blog, but I am definitely getting it!

I am thinking about adding my daily eating and exercise plan in an extra section or something. That way it's there if anyone has suggestions, etc. Also, I can see it for myself. I've had several people give me some great ideas, based on things that have worked for them. After an email from a wonderful reader, the father of a sweet friend, I am considering venturing back to the fitness center I have FREE access to on the navy base. It is right on the beach, so there's a great view. My old trainer even lives up the street from me. Um. Maybe for now I'll leave him alone, that man is crazy! By crazy, I mean, he has no mercy. He has tons of energy, is very fit, and loves seeing how hard he can push me. ;)

Hubby built the deck for the pool so I can get into it now, you guessed it, getting into it otherwise was not even an option. The ladder that comes with it is made for a lot less weight than I am. Did you know that fat floats? A lot? My son is particularly impressed with the fact that I float whether I want to or not, but he can't even when he tries. I just may be the first person ever to drown from wrestling with the water because I'm too buoyant. I am pretty talented you know! At least with stuff like hurting myself in creative ways. Perhaps that could be another post someday.

So, I need to make my blog pretty. Something aesthetically pleasing. I need to find photos, charts, graphs, etc. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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